Supporting Families Impacted by Childhood Cancer- Super Sibs!

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Many people have heard of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. What you may not know, however, is that they do a great job providing support specifically to the siblings of children diagnosed with cancer. These children can be the ones who fall through the cracks. The patient and the parents are suddenly pulled into the hospital setting. Siblings are often left with neighbors and relatives as the focus obviously (and necessarily) shifts to the ill child. But Alex’s Lemonade stand understands that cancer impacts every member of the family. Their Super Sib! Program offers a variety of online supports- for parents and other caregivers who may be stepping in to care for siblings during this tough time as well as for the children themselves. There are Sib Spots, with age specific support for children ages 4 years through teens, and the Sibling Ambassador program, where siblings have the opportunity to support other siblings. They also provide a list of special camps just for the siblings of children with cancer. What a great resource!

Learn more about Super Sibs! Powered by Alex’s Lemonade Stand here.


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