Supporting Families Impacted by Childhood Cancer- Make a blanket!

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I know from personal experience that nothing helps you feel better when you’re feeling sick and miserable than a soft, cozy blanket! There are quite a few organizations across the country that provide fleece blankets for cancer patients of all ages, and for other hospitalized children as well. In my opinion, every hospital in the country should have these soft symbols of love for every single patient- regardless of age or diagnosis. Are you, or a group that you belong to, looking for a service project that will make a huge impact? This is it! From my personal experience, I would recommend the following:

  • Choose gender neutral colors and patterns whenever possible.

  • Stay away from specific characters or brands, such as Disney or specific sports teams, as this really limits which patient the blanket can be given to.

  • Make larger blankets, to fit a twin-sized bed. (Requires 2 pieces of fabric, 2 yards each) This means the blanket can be used for any patient, and smaller children can continue to use the blanket as they grow.

Other than that, the sky is the limit! Any size donation will be appreciated- make one blanket or twenty! Contact your local children’s hospital, or community hospital, if you don’t have a specific children’s hospital near you. It’s a year round need- winter or summer, the need is the same. Please be aware that due to infection control policies and HIPAA laws, you will not be allowed to hand out the blankets to the patients yourself. But always know that the blankets you make will be loved and cherished forever. Many patients bring their blanket to every appointment and pack it for every hospitalization- it’s an easy way to make an amazing impact!

Looking for an blanket organization to support? These are a few of my favorites!

Project Linus

Binky Patrol

Comfy Cozys


Get Cozy During Chemo

Giving Comfort

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