Summer Safety

Hello! We're deep into the summer now, and hospitals all over the US are seeing the usual summer injuries. After doing some on-line searches and based on my own personal experience during my years at the hospital, it appears that these are some of the most common summertime injuries. Most of these are preventable, so this is a great opportunity for us to provide education to our patients, students, friends, and family- and hopefully save some trips to the emergency room!

Drowning/ near drowning


Heat stroke

Cuts (especially from going bare-foot)

Head injuries


Falling out of windows


Our current series of blogs will focus on these topics. Today, we'll start with the simplest of these: cuts. Wearing shoes while playing outdoors is the simplest solution for preventing these injuries. Going bare- footed or wearing flip-flops or sandals, while running and playing, riding bicycles or other wheeled toys significantly increases the risk of injury. Wearing shoes for these activities is a great place to start! Be sure to join us as we continue to look at these important summer safety topics over the next few weeks!

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