About Us

What we do:


How to Care for Kids offers classes and private consultations for doctor’s offices, dental offices, schools, daycare centers, youth groups, families, and individuals. Topics include health and safety, medical treatment, new diagnoses, special needs, crisis support, palliative care, hospice, and bereavement. Our educators include talented and experienced Child Life Specialists, Nurses, Physicians, and Certified Car Safety Seat Technicians.

Why we do it:

We believe that all children should have the support they need to live safe and healthy lives. They deserve to receive the highest quality health care from practitioners who understand their developmental and emotional needs. Our healthcare educators provide direct education and support to children and families, as well as classes for parent groups, and teachers.

We believe that honest, compassionate communication between healthcare providers and children, parents, and other caregivers encourages involvement in preventative care. This, in turn, promotes the wellness model of healthcare now and throughout the lifetime. Our healthcare educators provide classes and support to teach the latest, evidence based practices for the highest quality of pediatric medical care.

We believe that knowledge about safety is a vital component of keeping children healthy. Our healthcare educators provide classes and individual support to help keep children safe and well. Classes encompass a wide range of topics, including water safety, car safety seats, and accident prevention. 

What is a Child Life Specialist? 

Child life specialists are health care professionals who work with children and families in hospitals and other settings to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability. Child Life Specialists are nationally certified by the Child Life Council, a process which requires a minimum of a Bachelor of Science or Art degree in a related field (including child development, psychology, sociology, education, or child life) as well as an internship with an acredited program, usually at a major medical center. Recently, the knowledge and skills developed by Child Life Specialists have been in high demand in alternate settings, including doctor's offices, dental offices, hospice centers, schools, and in private practice. Child Life Specialists in the United States have started to develop collaborations in all of these areas, and have started to spread their valuable skills and knowledge all around the world.

What is a Certfied Child Passenger Safety Technician? 

All of our Child Passenger Safety Technicians (commonly referred to as car seat technicians) are certified by Safe Kids Worldwide. Our car seat technicians are available for general group education as well as private consultations. Depending on your location, technicians can come to your home to teach you how to install your child's safety seat in your vehicle or vehicles. In some areas, we also provide consultations for families with premature infants or children with special health or developmental needs.


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